Joint Procurement Holding of Pharmaceutical SOEs

In 2020, the Excellent Procurement program has been established where this program initiates Centerlized Procurement in every State-Owned Enterprise Holding in the Health Sector. Along with these directives, KPI targets have also been issued for each BUMN Holding in the Health Sector so that the implementation of joint procurement is strictly regulated so that the implementation of the Procurement flagship plan can run.
This directive became the basis for the establishment of a joint procurement center at the Pharmaceutical BUMN Holding. Together with each entity that is part of the Pharmaceutical BUMN Holding and the assistance of consultants, since 2020 the Pharmaceutical BUMN Holding has moved to establish both regulations and joint procurement procedures to produce a procurement process that can produce significant and good efficiency for each unit.
In 2021 the KPI target for joint procurement efficiency is 68 billion and in 2022 the Pharmaceutical BUMN Holding is targeted to produce 107.5 billion efficiency. With good regulatory facilities and procedures, it is hoped that the target can be achieved and the achievement of the target is expected to be able to answer the aspirations of the shareholders.
The category that has been implemented is the category of medicinal raw materials which is the greatest efficiency potential, especially for entities engaged in chemical drugs, so that joint procurement cooperation is expected to create significant efficiencies.

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