Millenials Gathering Holding Pharmaceutical SOEs

Special staff III of the Ministry of SOEs Mr. Arya Mahendra Sinulingga @arya.m.sinulingga attended the Millenials Gathering holding pharmaceutical SOEs @biofarmaid @kimiafarma.ind

Director of Transformation and Digital Bio Farma Mr. Soleh Ayubi @the.soleh.ayubi, President Director of Kimia Farma, Mr. David Utama @david_utama, Director of Production and Supply Chain Indofarma, Mr. Jejen Nugraha @jejen_nugraha2

The event, which was filled with directions and messages from Mr. Arya Sinulingga, received very good enthusiasm from all Millennials who attended. On this occasion, Mr. Arya Sinulingga would like to see that all Millennials Holding Pharmaceutical BUMNs can continue to collaborate to create digital healthcare that is increasingly developing and advanced so that the health industry clusters in BUMN are increasingly ogled by all Indonesian people and even internationally. He also said that the potential for the development of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, herbs, and medical devices should be continuously improved so that the Indonesian people know that the quality of this health industry cluster is in fact capable of presenting very high-quality domestic products.

The existence of a question and answer session can also provide an opportunity for Millennials who are present to convey their messages and questions directly to Mr. Arya Sinulingga and the Company

In addition, Mr. Soleh Ayubi also gave a constructive message to all millennials in the digital era as it is today, he said that technological advances and digitalization can be used as a guide and reference to get convenience in developing the pharmaceutical industry business so that it is more advanced and developed.

The great hope from all organizers is that this excellent event will continue on other occasions so that millennials are more advanced and continue to have creative ideas to advance Digital Healthcare in Indonesia.

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