On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, there was an opening ceremony for BUMN Bakti activities for TEACHERS which took place at the Sports Building (GOR) of the BUMN Bakti Taruna Foundation.

BUMN Bakti for Teachers is one of the BUMN Bakti programs given to teachers through BUMN TJSL collaboration activities, in the form of certification exam training and re-taking teacher certification exam fees spread across 5 (five) provinces, one of which is in West Java, involving 9 (nine) state-owned companies.

Present at the opening ceremony of the Deputy Assistant (Asdep) of SOEs for Social Responsibility Edi Eko Cahyono, Head of the West Java Education Office Dedi Supandi, Indofarma Corporate Secretary Hilda Yani along with Indofarma TJSL Unit Head Ermi Yusnita, and other SOE representatives.

In his speech, the Deputy Assistant for State-Owned Enterprises for TJSL, Edi Eko Cahyono, said that the SOE Service for Teachers is a CSR program in the education sector that needs to be prioritized, because teachers are the spearhead for the advancement of National Human Resources.
“Teachers are professionals who need to be equipped with teacher certification, besides that teachers play a major role specifically both individually and nationally for the advancement of Human Resources in Indonesia, therefore SOEs make education a priority in the budget for the BUMN Service Program” he added.

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